Find Differences HD App Reviews

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Gets easy too quickly

Could use more images to cycle through. And change the difference in the images.. So every time you play its different


I like it. Its easy to use and the differences are a challenge to find. I like that it has hints too.

Good game

Good and fairly challenging. Would like more!

Find the differences

Its a good game with many levels of play, but the differences never change. once youve played all the levels, the game loses its charm and the challenge is gone.

Fun eye teaser!

Simple fun. Pictures get more detailed and challenging as u keep playing.

Only 20 levels

As per title, otherwise its ok

Challenging But Easy

I almost never needed to use the hint! Its a fun app.

not bad

only few stages... graphic is great

Find the differents

Find the differents

Find the difference

Excellent and amusing...

Find differences

A very fun and relaxing game but Also very challenging


Great game and challenging too


The 1st thing that crossed my mind was, "These pictures are ugly." Very boring & kinda dirty pictures. Theres not very many pictures to compare, approximately 15-18 $ then its over. I enjoy these type of games but this one was a major let down.....

I HATE this game!!!

Omg!!! This game Is so so horrible first off whenever u c a difference and u click on it it never shows and the pics r ugly and so tiny u can barely even spot the difference....WAIT!!! U just plain cant spot the difference dont play this game it STINKS!!!

Great app

Makes u think a lot very good app

pretty challenging

wish there was more for free

Hawk eye

You have to have keen eye sight for this! Its great for students that finish their work early (and correctly). Im looking forward to more levels.

Find the difference

I really enjoyed this game. It was not to hard and not easy by any means!

Truly depressing images

Well done, but the images are depressing, IMHO.

Excellent App

Challenging and fun!

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